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2022 Gold Medals: World Coastal Rowing Championship CW2x, European Coastal Rowing Championship CW2x, Spanish Coastal Rowing Championship CM2x and Swish Coastal Rowing Championship CM2x.

¡Welcome to Rubenetti boats!

We are a small company located in Alicante, Spain. We have been manufacturing high quality boats by hand since 2015. On this website you will find our models and accessories, take a look at our gallery.

“Coastal Rowing is the extreme version, the most adventurous side of rowing. It involves paddling along the coast and going out to sea. It is one of the fastest growing rowing communities, as boats do not need flat water to row (…) Coastal Rowing is easier to learn than Olympic rowing, due in part to the stability and robustness of the boats , which differs from the Olympic-style ones.

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Answers to the most frequent questions we receive, if you do not find the answer you are looking for here, please contact us.

General Doubts

Where are the boats made?

All our boats have been designed, built and manufactured from zero 100% in Alicante, Spain, only some accessories such as shoes, seats, guides, are purchased from external suppliers to be assembled in our workshop.

Can I choose the design?

We like to deliver personalized boats and in some models for the same price you can choose the colors of your boat within the RAL range, that means, we have a limited pattern. If you send us your proposal, we will send you a 3D image so that you can see how your boat will look before it is manufactured.

Can I try a Rubenetti?

We have Rubenettis spread all over the world but many of them are from private owners, you can contact us to see if you live near a club that owns one, and if not, you can try to get closer to some of the competitions that we attend annually to do a free trial.