Light, fast and aggressive. Our R range has been developed with the latest technology, the design of the hull has been developed through CFD analysis. Its innovative design has been refined over time, we have made improvements to our models according to the needs of coastal rowing, the result? aggressive boats, with fast acceleration and a top speed difficult to match.

The shape of its bow cuts the waves smoothly avoiding the “pitching” effect, which makes the boat lose less speed, the V-shaped hull allows us to lower the center of gravity of the rowers, decrease the wet surface and also the roll caused by the side waves. The pronounced design of its stern has several functions, like avoiding turbulence, giving a better water exit, surfing better and taking buoys faster.

The R models are made by vacuum infusion (available in fiberglass or carbon) with which we obtain lighter and faster boats. If you are looking for a fast boat, with the latest technology in quality materials and finishes, Rubenetti Race is your boat!