Rubenetti C1X Club

Rubenetti C1X Club

The Club model is the most stable shell at Rubenetti, making it the ideal choice for those athletes who want to start rowing in open waters. The model does not sacrifice its quality as a competitive boat capable of reaching higher speeds than its competitors, while of course meeting all the FISA requirements to compete at the international level.

It is a shell designed for intensive use at rowing centers and by oarsmen of any age due to its stability and usability, with handgrips at the bow and stern to facilitate transport. It features a robust build in order to handle the day-to-day wear and tear of continuous use.


  • Building: Fiberglass infusion vinylester

  • Weight: 36/38 kg.

  • Length: 6 m.

  • Sleeve: 0,76 m.

  • Color: Blue

  • Bearing: Rear aluminum wing

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