Answers to the most frequent questions we receive, if you do not find the answer you are looking for here, please contact us by email info@rubenettiboats.com

Before your order

Where are the boats made?

All our boats have been designed, built and manufactured from zero 100% in Alicante, Spain, only some accessories such as shoes, seats, guides, are purchased from external suppliers to be assembled in our workshop.

Do you have stock?

In general we do not have stock, we work on request in order to offer you a personalized boat that suits your needs, although at the end of the year we usually have almost new second-hand boats after the end of competitions.

How long do you need to build a boat?

This depends a lot on the time of the order and the manufacturing volume, in general it will take us between 2 and 4 weeks to manufacture your boat. But there are several factors that can alter this, we usually have a waiting list so we recommend that before placing your order send us an email to update you on the status of the list.


Can I try a Rubenetti?

We have Rubenettis spread all over the world but many of them are from private owners, you can contact us to see if you live near a club that owns one, and if not, you can try to get closer to some of the competitions that we attend annually to do a free trial.

Do you send boats?

Our boats are spread across several countries in the world, we have extensive experience in international shipments both within and outside Europe, if you are looking for a Rubenetti boat, don´t worry, we will send it from our factory to your door if you wish .

How can I make an order?

You can fill out our order form directly on the website or send us an email to info@rubenettiboats.com if you need advice or have any questions.

About our boats

Can I choose the design

We like to deliver personalized boats and in some models for the same price you can choose the colors of your boat within the RAL range, that means, we have a limited pattern. If you send us your proposal, we will send you a 3D image so that you can see how your boat will look before it is manufactured.

What kind of materials are used for the boats?

Depending on the model you choose, your boat will be made of some materials or others, we have boats made of manual fiberglass, carbon, vinylester, epoxy resins and models that are only made by infusion.

All the materials have been tested in order to offer safe and durable boats and with materials that perfectly withstand the passage of time.

What is the infusion?

Infusion is a manufacturing method where a bag is placed on the mold, all the air is extracted creating a perfect vacuum and the resin is subsequently introduced by vacuum.

This method allows to control the amount of resin that will impregnate the boat and allows us to manufacture lighter and more resistant boats, comparing it with the traditional per hand laminating method. 

Do the boats comply with the official competition regulations?

All our coastal boats comply with current FISA regulations, several of them have already been in international competitions and our 1xR model was world champion in 2017.

Our Mediterranean Llaut is also within the measures of the current regatta code approved in 2016 by the CSD.

What guarantee does a Rubenetti have?

A Rubenetti has a 2-year warranty, you can find the warranty terms posted on this website in the download section.

Can I carry the boat in the roof of my car?

This depends on the country in which you live and you should be aware of the local legislation. In Spain it is not possible to carry a boat of more than 5.5 meters on top of your vehicle unless it is a van and always signaling the part that it stands out with a V-20 type signaling plate.


What is the final price of a Rubenetti?

Well, you have to take into account that you do not need to know only the price of the boat, at this price you must add the taxes of your country, custom costs if necessary, shipping and packaging costs, accessory oars, etc.

In addition, shipping costs may also vary depending on the time of the order, the urgency of the order, etc. So if you are really interested in a Rubenetti you can send us an email with your information and we will send you a quote with the approximate costs.

Can I get a discount?

We do discount for clubs or for joint purchases. Our boats are high quality boats and are manufactured manually one by one, this has an associated cost. Even so, we have adjusted our prices as much as possible to offer you competitive and fair prices.

Surely you will find other cheaper boats that may better fit your budget, and in the case you decide to buy it from another brand we still be welcoming you to the awesome world of coastal rowing

How much does the shipping usually cost?

This depends on, destination, delivery time, shipment date, in fact we cannot give you a closed price until 2 weeks before your shipment. But we can give you an approximate price depending on the city and the destination zip code.