Our R21 model was born in 2020 after a year and a half of trials and tests until we obtained the performance we expected. World champion in 2022, Champion in European rowing championship and bronze with Janekke and Mitchel Steetman. Probably the fastest boat in this category.

The design of its bow, its stern, and the arrangement of the rowers have been optimized to achieve a perfect balance between stability and speed. In open water it behaves just like our successful R11, cutting waves smoothly, without pitching or losing speed. Its stiffnes means that each stroke is transmitted directly to the boat, and the arrangement of the rowers has been studied to obtain maximum performance.

Its speed will make you feel like you are in a much narrower and lighter boat. The finishes and materials of the Special Edition** version will make you feel as if you were in the cockpit of a Formula 1 car.

Length: 7.5 m.  Width: 1 m.   Weight: from 55 kg. to 58 kg.

* Model within FISA regulations.

** Hull 5mm. Special bow design, extra carbon reinforcements.



Our competition double comes standard with individual riggers, just by removing a pin the folding riggers for easy transport and storage. In addition, it is adjustable from stern to bow to be able to steer the boat according to the weight of the rowers. It can be ordered with fixed riggers at no extra cost.


As in all our R range, we incorporate a waterproof compartment of about 4 liters where you can store your keys, mobile phone or any other useful item with easy access and with the certainty that they will not be lost while rowing.


The deck is made with a 10 mm high density core that provides extreme rigidity to the whole, this boat will withstand the jumps in the waves even with the heaviest rowers.


The carbon look gives it an extra plus of quality and design, in our R range we manufacture all versions with a high modulus visible carbon deck to please the eye while you row, this extra reinforcement provides greater stiffnes to the boat and will make training be less hard.



Materials Carbon, Carbon Deck and PVC
Core Soric 1.5 mm
Resin Vinilester
Rigger Folding Aluminium Rigger
Weight 55 kg.
Stretchers Active Tools Shoes
Colour  RAL 7035/6034/4010
Seat Adjustable Carbon
Load 60/100 kg.


Materials High Modulus Carbon, Carbon Deck and PVC
Core Corecell 5 mm
Resin Epoxy
Rigger Lateral Aluminium Rigger
Weight 58 kg.
Stretchers Active Tools Shoes
Colour  RAL to choose, triangles pattern included
Seat Adjustable Carbon
Load 60/100 kg.

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